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Flash Gallery Factory Standard

It is best flash slideshow software which provides 60+ free flash gallery templates, 70+
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30 December 2009

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Adobe Flash, formerly known as Macromedia Flash, has been used variedly since the past decade since its advent for adding intuitive effects and animation to interactive web pages and demonstrations for businesses tapping the internet traffic. Moreover, the power of internet technology has given rise to increasing number of people being a regular on the web and hence, internet marketing has become a popular medium of promotion to reckon with. This has automatically led to a rise in technological innovations that facilitate this requirement and enable business to use various application in developing world class online galleries and catalogs. Flash Gallery Factory Standard promises an effectual functionality to develop striking effects in web promotional material for its users.

Flash Gallery Factory Standard upon launch opens with a neatly arranged interface with the chief options located at the top panel, and the options for creating files and galleries displayed at the left pane making the entire set up simple to navigate. The software provides more than sixty free flash gallery templates and more than seventy transition effects for creating amazing animation and graphical web pages for personal and professional use. Furthermore, the application also contains 18 free preloaders and for making flash galleries and arcades along with flash banners and flash slideshows with custom slideshows. The transition effects make the websites look ever stunning and further, the application enables preview and output as a SWF file and HTML codes, XML files and also as screen savers and upload them online for sharing with friends. The flexibility and user friendliness of the software make it an absolute necessity for business and online sellers.

To conclude, Flash Gallery Factory Standard earns rich kudos for its superlative tools and functionalities for creating great looking online arcades and hence gets a rating score of 4.5 owing to its impressive performance.

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It is best flash slideshow software which provides 60+ free flash gallery templates, 70+ transition effects and 18 free preloaders, for making flash photo gallery, flash banner and flash slideshow and custom photo slideshow.
Flash Gallery Factory Standard
Flash Gallery Factory Standard
Version 5.0
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